Tracker : Mod, Xm, It etc

First on Amiga OS, because it could use sampled sounds.

Original compositions

Playing tools

Composing tools

Notable musics


Converting from modplug tracker to midi

  • load the module into modplug tracker (as a linux user, I'm enjoying schism as a regular tracker, and I'm using modplug tracker for the midi export)
  • set 120 bpm, 6 ticks per row
  • export to midi
  • eventually load the midi track into rosegarden (or any other sequencer) and export it again
  • use midi2abc to convert the midi track into abc notation :
  • tidy the abc with a text editor (adding repeats, keys and such)
  • export to postscript/pdf with abcm2ps and eventually export again to a clean general midi track with abc2midi

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