The Garvuino is a PCB board for creating musics, sounds and chiptunes, either through programmation, soundtracker or live recording (midi).

You can get it on Etsy:

Or contact me directly on

Available options:

Garvuino complete version (fully assembled with Midi)            20,00 €
Garvuino no-midi version (fully assembled)                        19,00 €
Garvuino no AY version (fully assembled with Midi, no atmega8 chip but it would be a pity)        19,00 €
for Garvuino without arduino nano chip, because you have one for example, remove 2 € from the prices above               
shipping France                        2,50 €
shipping Europe                        3,50 €
shipping World + tracking             7,50 €
shipping Europe + tracking            6,50 €
shipping France + tracking            3,00 €

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