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== FM Music ==

I've started a few [[articles|articles.en]] about FM music, and how to generate some with MML tools such as PMD 98. 

New tune with Adlib Tracker II:

- Cyberdanser├┐e: @@OGG@@musiques/electro/garvalf_-_opl_-_cyber-danserye_ymf724.ogg@@

I've also made a [[tune|musiques_opl.en]] with PMD 98. It was designed with Famitracker, exported to midi with ftm2mid (a lua script), the midi was then converted to mml with 3ML editor (read the [[article|articles_pmd98.en]] about this). Some instruments were designed with Deflemask, because the 2151 chip bears some similarities with OPN chips.

- Summer Sunset: @@OGG@@musiques/electro/garvalf_-_opn_-_summer_sunset.ogg@@ 

This section, originally called OPL, should be renamed soon (PMD 98 outputs to OPN, for YM2203 (OPN) and YM2608 (OPNA) chips, which can be found on Japanese NEC PC-98 or PC-88 computers), maybe to something such as "FM", but it would break my 3-letters code. On the other hand, Megadrive/Genesis music is sometimes FM too. But it can me also without the 2612 chip as well. I've also composed a new [[tune|musiques_sega.en]] for Sega Master System, which I rendered on my Megadrive.

- Varulvens Vilde Jagt: @@OGG@@musiques/electro/garvalf_-_seg_-_varulvens_vilde_jagt_megadrive1.ogg@@

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